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Explore Task - 12/5/19

Today is the first day of working on the final explore task. I plan to focus on the Cleo App, an AI program designed to help people manage their finances by tracking transactions, enforcing budgets, and checking account balances. Today I plan to gather sources and find the purpose and function of the innovation. I also plan to look for at least one beneficial effect of this innovation and one harmful effect.
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Submarine Cables - 12/4/19

Is it true that sharks biting cables is a problem?
Overall, no - sharks biting the cables are not a problem. Although in the past sharks have bitten cables, they are not a major threat to their overall function. Between 2007-2014 fish bites did not account for any cable malfunctions. Any damage caused to the cables was mostly done by humans activity, such as fishing and anchoring.

Cables can break just by wearing out - but what are some other things that cause them to break?
The most common cable faults are caused by human activity. Fishing and anchoring cause about two-thirds of all recorded cable damage. The next leading cause of cable faults is environmental damage, such as earthquakes and occasionally underwater components of these cables can fail. Lastly, deliberate damage and shark bites can potentially cause damage but their occurrence is extremely rare.

Who uses submarine cables?
Everyone who is using the internet to access data from all over the world is using these submarine c…

Internet Protocol

What is a protocol?
A protocol is an agreed-upon set of rules on how something is going to work. Between computers, a protocol is a standard set of rules that allow electronic devices to communicate with each other. When both parties agree on the set of rules then communication can occur effectively. Some of these rules include what type of data may be transmitted, what commands are used to send and receive data, and how data transfers are confirmed.

What is an Internet Protocol (IP) address?
An IP address is a unique address that every device on the internet has. This address allows devices to recognize each other in order to send and receive data. The IP address is recognized between systems that are connected via the internet protocol.

How is it organized hierarchically?
IP addresses are organized hierarchically. This means that the address can be broken into parts in order to make it easy for systems to identify where a message is coming from and where to send it to. The first seq…


Koan Number 3: There is Want in the Midst of Plenty
Koan number 3 describes how in the age of information everything is expected to be available at any given time. Any information that fails to meet this requirement is lost and almost considered nonexistent. The internet has facilitated the expectation of constant access to all kinds of information. People have turned to Google or Yahoo! for their questions instead of asking friends or looking in a book. What is not found on the internet is therefore forgotten by those in search of information since it is not easily accessed. Some truths that stood out to me were that we as a society are beginning to forget that information can be stored in books and in writing. The example of the doctor who did not have a patient's paper health record and was thus left in the dark demonstrated that we are dependent on computers and the internet. It is scary that the internet, something somebody created, is beginning (if it hasn't already) to …

Chatham Marconi Maritime Center Field Trip

This image was taken at the Chatham Marconi Maritime Center Wireless Today exhibit. The image is of all the devices in history that have made it into the iPhone. Before the modern smartphone, taking pictures, receiving/making calls, saving contact numbers and addresses, watching videos, and listening to music were all done on separate devices. Now, all of these activities can be done on your phone with the touch of a button. Not only can a smartphone do all of these things but the device itself is small and takes up less than half of the room of all the other devices. I chose this exhibit because it has relevance in all of our lives. Almost everyone who has a cellphone has a smartphone. This exhibit demonstrates just how far technology has come and the plethora of devices it has replaced in the modern home. The smartphone has a very significant role in wireless communication as it allows people all over the world to communicate almost instantaneously. It replaced landlines and cord-p…

Coding In the Wild

Computer science is used in almost every career in today's world. Everything runs on computers and people are beginning to see programming as an advantageous skill in the workforce. For example, chemical engineers are using computer programs to process and analyze data as well as run simulations to avoid the expense of running unnecessary physical experiments.
I chose to focus on exploring the use of computer programming in chemical engineering because I myself am interested in chemistry and biology and was curious to see how computer science can be used in these types of careers. The author of the article, Mia Divecha, is not a trained programmer. She studied chemistry in college and went into graduate school thinking she would be working in a lab using traditional materials. However, she quickly learned that being proficient in certain programming languages, such as C and Python, benefitted her research by allowing her to edit programs to fit the experiments she was conducting. …

The Internet is for Everyone - But It Won't Be If...

In Vint Cert's memo "The Internet is for Everyone" Cert lays out 9 conditions that, if challenged, will compromise the idea that the internet truly is for everyone. Some of these conditions included making sure the internet is affordable, accessible by everyone, unrestricted, easy to use, etc. Two conditions that stand out as being particularly important are making sure governments cannot restrict internet access and making sure the internet is affordable. I chose to focus on these conditions because of how much of an issue censorship is in a country. If the government is able to restrict access to the internet, the the citizens under that government are blind to the world around them and are easily manipulated. connecting the world via the internet is a way to raise awareness and spread information to prevent oppression and to keep the world on an equal playing field in terms of information. The internet is such a powerful tool that limiting access to it limits what a p…