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Create Task: Final

Completeness: 10

I completed my Create Task today by submitting the final version to the College Board. I double-checked that the files were all the correct version and were in the correct format. The only struggle I had was previewing the files. I did not realize that by clicking "View File" it actually downloaded the file and I had to go into my files in order to view it. However, I still was able to preview the files and determined they were the correct version.
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Create Task: Day 9/10

Completeness: 9

Over the past few days, I have been working on the writing for my create task. I finished the writing portion. All I need to do now is go back through and edit it to make sure it meets all the rubric requirements. I also need to upload the images of my code.

The final part after that is marking up my code pdf and then I will be finished.

Create Task: Day 8

Completeness: 8.5

I have officially completed my code. I have cleaned up the edges and made sure each section worked. I also adjusted the colors to make it easier to read. Now, all I need to do is make the screencast, mark up my code, and do the writing.

Create Task: Day 7

Completeness: 8

I overestimated how much work I still had to complete on my task. I have basically finished coding. All I need to do now is clean it up and make sure I have met all the requirements on the checklist. I wrote a lot of the code in functions but some of my code has repeated sections that I want to make into their own functions. Hopefully, these can count as abstractions in my code. I also want to add more error messages and make sure they all work. I have run my program and I can make it all the way through without any issues. So, at the very least, I have a program that is able to be turned in should I run out of time but I still want to clean it up. Visually, I want to separate text and change some colors as well.

The next step is writing. I have to make sure I am able to complete all the writing with the necessary requirements. I also need to put my code into a document and mark it up. This is the next step and is why my 'completeness' is not higher.

Create Task: Day 6

Completeness: 2

Today I worked on the program I started yesterday. It is a follow your own adventure type game that gives users murder stories based on their weapons of choice and how they want their victim to perish. The program starts with a menu that asks the user for the category of weapon they want to use. From there, other menus pop up specifying the conditions of the story that will be generated. At the end of each adventure,  the user is presented with a story. The first part of the program uses conditions to narrow the scenario for the user. The second menu option uses randomly generated people as well as a guessing game for the user to get the weapon, the place, and the person involved in the murder.

This program utilizes many algorithms, including algorithms that call other algorithms. The function that processes the choice of the original menu calls functions that relate to each choice of the menu. Each option has its own function with its own set of conditions for it to w…

Create Task: Day 5

Completeness: 2

I finally completed option 1 on my menu. It works and the only things I would need to add are clear functions or organization measures. However, I want to add these later if I have time rather than put off the rest of my program in case I run out of time. Next, I want to work on the mole converter that can convert certain amounts of substances into moles.

The problem I have run into today was questioning whether I was too ambitious with my program. I am starting to wonder if it includes too much information or if it is too complicated. To solve this problem I have considered starting a side program that is a little smaller. If it turns out better than this one in less time, I will switch my create. Otherwise, I am going to continue with this program and refine it so that it is smaller or more simple than I originally intended. I want to make sure I can produce quality work in the amount of time I have and therefore a cleaner, simpler program would be better than a larg…

Create Task: Day 4

Completeness: 1.75

So far I have completed one of the menu items for my "elements" function in my program. This portion of the program allows me to list all the elements (along with their abbreviation and atomic mass) is each major group of elements. In order to do this I nested dictionaries. At first, I had a lot of trouble with creating a dictionary within a dictionary. However, after playing around with it, I got the program to store the information I wanted it to without much trouble. Next, I struggled with printing certain items in the dictionary. I wanted to print only certain items out of the dictionary but I ended up printing every item in the dictionary as many times as there were arguments. In order to fix this, I went back through my for loop and made sure my arguments were exactly in line with what I wanted to print. I also adjusted the loop to fit my nested dictionary. Eventually, I got it to work. For the rest of my elements function I just need to copy the dic…